Monday, May 11, 2009

Hanya Jauhari Yang Kenal Maknikam

Yesterday, a lady with advanced breast cancer came to me requesting breast cancer surgery. All the while she didn't bother to see a doctor because there was no pain, but lately the cancer became painful (usually indicating the cancer is penetrating through the skin, soon it is going to ulcerate). She and her family knew very well that it was cancer, and the chance to have a proper curative treatment was wide open to her right from the begining. One of her anakbuah is a doctor working in a hospital designated for breast cancer treatment; the Putrajaya Hospital. Instead she opted for the mercy of a bomoh .

Bomoh bukan sebarang bomoh
Bomoh bergelar dari Keraton


Barah dirawat dengan surgeri
Sakit tidak berdarah pun tidak
Bahkan dirakam kamera VCD
RM 7000 dibayar pengeras diberi

The bomoh 'operated' on her. He 'performed surgery' to treat her cancer !

When I saw her, the cancer was huge, axillary nodes are massive and fixed, there chest wall was involved. Basically it was non-operable. There was no evidence of any surgery or intervention what so ever. The bomoh had done nothing but had taken her for a ride. What she needs now are chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Surgery can be considered later if the cancer managed to be down-sized by the chemo.

Back to the bomoh thing, out of inquisitiveness I searched the web for the center. They have a nice homepage, even daringly posted few of their 'surgeries' for us to see.

One thing I believe; you should know your limits. Once your cross the line, you are exposed. There was a bogus doc way back in 1985 in HKL. A failed year 3 medical student impersonating a doctor (teringin sangat lah tu!). He managed to work 'undetected' for more than a month in a medical ward. But on the day he went to OT to assist a surgery (he crossed the line), his identity was exposed.
I tell you a story. A friend of mine sent his Mercedes to a mechanic. The next day the mechanic told him that he had changed the alternator and showed him the one that he had 'removed'. This friend took the rosak alternator home. Another mechanic saw the thing and said; ini bukan mercedes punya, ini Wira punya dah !
You need a mechanic to know what a mechanic does .......... !
I saw a video of a 'bare-hand' surgery from Philipines, the 'bomoh' put his hand on the victim's tummy and pulled out a 30 cm of intestine (claimed colon cancer). That thing was so small for a human intestine. That must be usus ayam (chicken intestine). I know exactly how colon or intestine look like. Any medical student or doctor knows it. To some non-medical peoples; wow, hebatnya, boleh bawak keluar usus dengan tangan kosong..... memanglah kalau usus ayam !
You need a surgeon to know what a surgeon does ........... !
I am going to blow up the cover of this bloody con man with big tittles hiding behind verses of quran and Islamic medicine.
So back to this bomoh Keraton; he put his hand into a patient chest, pulled out a very small heart, too small for a human heart. My bet is that was jantung kambing! Maklumlah susah nak cari jantung yang sama saiznya dengan jantung manusia. Jantung lembu terlalu besar.But sir, if you want a jantung that of the size of a human heart, ambillah jantung BABI. Jangan kena influenza H1N1 sudahlah.
That's not all. What about the technical aspects of the surgery, physiology, infection, blood and etc. My adviced to this bomoh, if you want to help, do what a bomoh does. If you decide to operate, then you have crossed the line. Your wickedness would be uncovered. Kalau nak tipu pun biarlah orang tak tahu. Dahlah menipu orang yang susah, yang sakit dan yang amat mengharapkan, guna pula nama Islam. Memalukan ugama dan bangsa.
Malangnya bilakah orang kita nak sedar....
Yang nak kaya, ambil jalan mudah; skim cepat kaya,
Yang nak nama, bayar ejen untuk dapat Dato'
Yang nak jawatan, bayar rasuah
Yang nak rebut DUN pun , panggil bomoh, puh sana, puh sini
Alahai .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Rent To Kill

Yesterday was a historical day for me. I was hired to remove pests; unfortunately a 'friendly' ones. At 3.00 am in the morning, a lady came screaming to the A & E unit; '......takutnya, tolonglah takutnya........' jumping up and down. Some creatures creaping out of her breast !

This is what the breast looks like

And these are the scarry chaps.....

Friendly larvae trying to clean the necrotic cancer tissues away.

Berbuih mulut trying to explain to her and her family about proper cancer treatments. Although already a locally advanced disease, her quality of life might improved with palliative 'toilet' mastectomy, radiotherapy or even chemotherapy. But she insisted on getting rid of the good little fellas and went home to continue with her own treatment using some expensive 'DNA milk' or what ever.

By the way, live maggots are flushed out of the dead tissues using turpentine (minyak gas). Get some turpentine from a hardware shop (not pharmacy), and pour it onto the tissues. The maggots would crawl out of the necrotic tissues. If you use some other chemicals, they might get killed and left rotting in the tissues.

Anyway... just before she left for home, I told her....."You don't need a surgeon to do this, next time just call RENTOKIL .
..............................................................RENTOKIL provides pest-control service in Malaysia