Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nak Fikir Dulu Doktor, Nanti Saya Telefon Kalau jadi....


A 37 year-old teacher, single - referred by a General Practitioner for a left breast lump. On examination, there was a 2X2 cm lump in the left breast. Ultrasound examination showed features suggestive of a probable cancer. Adviced biopsy.

Nak fikir dulu doktor, nanti saya telefon kalau jadi.......


Came with a much larger lump, this time with her newly-wed husband, kami baru kahwin 40 hari. On examination, the lump was 8X8 cm with areolar skin involved. Due to the rapid progression of the lesion, I told her that it was most probably a cancer. She needed proper treatment: surgery KIV chemo and radiotherapy.

OKlah doktor, buang butir saja, kalau pun kanser, kami tak mahu buang semua (mastectomy) . kami kan baru kahwin....

Excision done and the histology report came back as expected - CANCER - infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Gikgu... you need a proper cancer treatment!

Nak fikir dulu doktor, nanti saya telefon kalau jadi.......

September - December 2009: contacted patient several times. Please, you need proper treatment. Each time, the answer was :

Nak fikir dulu doktor, nanti saya telefon kalau jadi......

Today she came without an earlier appointment, AlhamdulilLah terbuka hatinya untuk mendapat rawatan!

Saya datang ni nak minta surat pengesahan doktor yang saya ada kanser untuk saya diberi pengecualian dari menghadiri kursus!

Can I see you first? Now the cancer has come back; 6X6 cm with skin and axillary nodal involvement.
Memang saya nakkan rawatan, tapi ginilah doktor:
Nak fikir dulu doktor, nanti saya telefon kalau jadi........
Inilah my well-educated patient; Nak fikir dulu, nanti saya telefon kalau jadi.........
She came with a curable 2X2 cm lesion, and the concerned surgeon is just a phone-call away, yet she chose to end her life in a miserable way.
Probably, in the future if someone says ;
Nak fikir dulu doktor, nanti saya telefon kalau jadi,
I would say;
Ikut mu lah.....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breast Cancer in NST


Breast Cancer: Many come when it is too late

At least 40 per cent of Malay women who came to the department were diagnosed with either third or fourth stage of breast cancer.The percentage among Chinese and Indians was lower.

In my practice, probably more than 70 percent of Kelantanese women with breast cancer presented with stage 3 or 4 disease (Locally advanced or metastatic)

Moga-moga tahun 2010 ini memberi perubahan yang positif bagi wanita Kelantan !