Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BOMOH - In All Strata Of The Society

Look at these 2 CT-scan films

The first was taken on 17/02/2009, and the second was taken on 20/04/2009 They are 2 months apart. Name deleted.

This CT-scan film belongs to is a 50 year old lady (not a commoner) who presented two month ago with lower abdominal pain. She was diagnosed to have ovarian cancer and was adviced (by the gynaecologist) for surgery and chemotherapy.

She went off AOR (at own risk), refused the treatment and opted for the bomoh 'therapy'.

Bomohs are usually more friendly than doctors, but their 'treatments' are cheaper. Wrong ! some charge much more than what I charge for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy for a single consultation.

Back to this lady, she came back to me 2 months later with intestinal obstruction. The intestine was blocked completely by the cancer. She could not eat or drink, vomitted her stomach out. She now agreed for anything, belahlah, colostomy pun tak apa !

But everything was too late. The tumour was not resectable; anyway I did I could do to help her. And she now is counting her days.

Kadang-kadang terfikir juga, apa salahku? Mungkinkah aku tak tahu nak explain apa dia kanser. Mungkinkah aku kena cakap ...Makcik, kalau tak rawat ini, makcik mati dua bulan lagi.

In Kelantan, this bomoh things are killing more people than what the Mat Rempits do on the road. Nak salahkan siapa ?

Ada orang kata ............ ini budaya kita.

Ada juga yang kata ..... ini mentaliti dunia ketiga

Janganlah kata.............. Melayu mudah lupa

I saw TV9's Tanyalah Ustaz 3 days ago. Ustaz Amran Kasimin answering questions, very interesting.

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Qatrunnada M.Farid said...

assalamualaikum Dr..

I like to read your all posts..
It gives me some ideas from what i've learnt and experiences from a senior doctor... =)

ps : Ayah Ngah, ni kak yong [Qatrunnada Mohamad Farid]... can i have your email??