Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tropical Fruit Season

Fruit season is a very much awaited time of the year in the rural areas of Malaysia. Plenty of delicious fruits are available freely (for those who have the trees) or cheaply (if you need to buy it from the mushrooming roadside fruit stalls) .

For some rural folks and the orang asli (the aboriginies) - those who kais pagi makan pagi, they don't need to go to work, they just stay home and eat. They just need to pluck the fruits and eat. So they eat and eat and eat.

Sometime you see complications... especially if they swallowed the seeds. Tropical fruits are not like apples; thick 'flesh' and small seeds. Furthermore, some fruits you have to swallow the seeds, otherwise no 'uumph'. Mangosteen and rambai are examples of this type of fruits.

Last night a senile elderly lady, was brought in to the hospital with constipation and severe anal pain. Abdominal X-ray showed dilated colon packed with hundreds of 'seeds. I spread-opened her buttock, and I could see those seeds impacting the anal canal. I had to manually evacuated the seeds. Memanglah sakit tapi lepas tu lega. They are manggosteen seeds, and that suprised me. A mangosteen usually has six fleshs; only one or the most two have seeds. That means she really ate plenty of those fruits probably more then a hundred in several days.

When I was a medical officer in Mentakab, an orang asli girl presented with abdominal colic caused by similar problems.... and I had to dig out hundreds of 'setol' seeds. She literally picked up the fruits from the floor of the jungle and ate them. I had to sedate her with Ketamine and removed the seeds with my finger till clear.

A fellow physician once told me; The most honorable thing a surgeon does is to digitally relieve a patient with an impacted rectum !

Hard objects impacted in the colon cause ulcers in the colonic mucosa by pressure necrosis. These ulcers are called stercoral ulcers. Not uncommon, the ulcers perforate through and caused peritonitis. Few years ago when I was in the university, an old lady presented with peritonitis. I took her to OT and opened her abdomen. To my astonishment; I found hundreds of rambai seed in the peritoneal cavity. What happened was she ate the rambai and swallowed the seeds; her colon was packed with the seeds resulting in the colonic perforation. I had to pick up all the seeds, washed the peritoneal cavity and exteriorised the colonic perforation as a loop colostomy. Later when she was well, I closed the colostomy.

This picture showed ripe rambai fruits. Each fruit contains three glistening, usually sweet and sour flesh with a seed in the middle. You don't need to chew them, just put in your mouth and swallow them.
The lesson is: If you really like these fruits, eat them by all means. But please don't swallow the seeds. Otherwise someone has to stick his finger into your arse.

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