Monday, October 11, 2010


Lunch time: I was joined by a radiographer (juru-Xray) asking me 'kenapa dah lama tak update blog doktor?' Tiba-tiba saya teringat.... dah lama tak buka blog ni ! mungkin sibuk dengan 'kegilaan' baru di facebook. So I said; OK saya pergi update sekarang jugak.
Just before the lunch hour, I was in the A & E Department; attending to a patient presented with cough and breathlessness. She was a 35 year old teacher, has been coughing since 2 months ago, went to Kuala Krai hospital yesterday and claimed the doctor there refused to give her any medication. When I came closer to her bed, I smelled something familiar; 'bila lagi dah ada penyakit ini?' 'Baru 2 bulan batuk-batuk ni'. 'Bukan batuk, your breast cancer?' 'Mana doktor tahu saya ada kanser?' ' I can smell it !
Reluctantly she exposed her self; and there you were... large left breast cancer with involvement of the contralateral breast. Jarang jumpa ni, kanser payudara kiri dan kanan serentak. I examined the lungs, and I told her that most probably the cancer has infiltrated her lungs as well. Suprisingly she suggested; mungkin infection doktor, TB ke.. beri saya ubat antibiotik je!
Unbelievable.... inilah sikap orang kita (oghe kelate kito) the big C is nothing. So, to made her understand the serious situation she is in, I told her ; Kalaulah cikgu ni Tok Wakil, selepas PRK Galas ni, kita pergi mengundi kawasan DUN awak pulak ........
Saya harap dia faham, her days are numbered !!

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