Monday, October 25, 2010


A 40 year old man came with 'letih-letih' and not feeling well for the past one month. Ultrasound examination done by a general practitioner showed a tumour on the left kidney. CT-scan done revealed a large tumour arising from the upper pole of the left kidney.

This is one of his CT-scan films; it showed a large tumour involving the left kidney. This is most probably a Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) - kanser buah pinggang.

He was told of the diagnosis, treatment and the prognosis with and without treatment.
Prognosis tu maksudnya apa akan jadi dengannya selepas ini termasuk mati.

He was offered surgery; as the cancer is still resectable and most probably curable.
And the expected happened; the Kelantanese syndrome. He disappeared, I hope temporarily.

5 years ago, I operated on a 33 year old man with similar cancer; he survived. Now happily married and last week called me to inform me that he just got a baby girl.
This is the picture of his cancer.

The cancer was well-encapsulated, the capsule wasn't breached by the cancer. No chemotherapy was given.

And these are CT-scan picture of other patient with similar cancer on the right side (see how huge it is) and the picture of the removed specimen.

She waited for three months before agreeing to the surgery.

See, the cancer had breached the capsule, she was given chemotherapy. Two and a half years later, she came back with bone and brain secondaries (kanser merebak ke otak dan tulang) and died soon after.

Kadang-kadang, saya tak faham dengan orang kita. Bila doktor kata kanser, dia mungkin dengar risa; buang tak apa, tak buang pun tak apa.

In Kelantan, risa (pronounced reeso) is a benign tumour of the skin or subcutaneous structures; it could be a lipoma, sebaceous cyst, ganglion, etc.


Atiqah Yusoff said...

hi Dr. i wanna ask u sumting it's abt bell palsy.. is there any side effect of this sickness..? such as tumor? would u like to write abt this sickness?

Anonymous said...

salam. Dr. saya nak tanya, mungkin x masuk akal apa yg saya tanya nie sebagai umat Islam....kematian kita nie di tangan Allah Taala. kalau kita dah wat pembedahan(kanser usus) n buang tempat yg ada kanser 2 lepas beberpa bulan bila diperiksa kanser tu ada. klu ikut dari pembelajaran Dr. jangka hayat hidup pesakit kanser usus nie mcmna?