Sunday, January 9, 2011

Penangan TOK BOMOH

A 64 year old lady presented to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and high fever after balik berurut with a bomoh. She has been visiting this bomoh for a left sided abdominal mass since 6 months ago. According to her children, the mass was initially small in size but lately has grown much bigger. She had been adviced to seek treatment in hospital which she boldly refused.

When I saw her, she was in severe pain with signs of septicemia. There was a huge abscess (bisul yang nak pecah) in the abdomen with an underlying tumour.
CT-scan done showed a large sigmoid colon cancer with an overlying abscess cavity filled with pus and gas (or fecal matter)

abscess cavity

the colon cancer





Apa yang telah berlaku ?

Basically she has a neglected / untreated colonic cancer, now it has perforated through the abdominal wall (kena uli tok bomoh sampai pecah) . Soon, it would be coming out through the skin (itu pun if she survives the septicemia).

What needs to be done is to drain the abscess and feces through the skin and treat the infection. Once her condition improves, go and remove the cancer. But that was not in her mind. She wanted to go back to the bomoh. What could I do?. Furthermore she had the full support of her children. So be it.

This is it ........ CANCER and Kelantanese don't click !

I hope this is not the end of my struggle. I believe there are many more non-Kelantanese that would benefit from my writings.

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Anonymous said...

lawak la. sebab tu sakit tak sembuh. makan ubat kene ubat yg based on study. bukan based on testimonial.