Friday, May 23, 2008

Goitre (thyroid enlargement)

Multinodular goitre is another disease which I used to see late presenters. Now the incidence of huge goitre is much less; I presume that it is not easy to hide. This is one of those cases. She was a patient of one of my colleagues.

During my days working in the university, I had a patient with a thyroid cancer (papillary type)weighting 1.3 kg. Way back in the late 80'th when I was a junior doctor in Mentakab, I used to see young women from Jerantut (Kg. Bantal) with large multinodular goitre. Those were the so-called endemic goitres; due to deficiency of iodine in their drinking water.

In Kelantan, we have a specific term for this large multinodular goitre; GONDOL

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