Saturday, May 31, 2008

Malam Pertama - Rupanya Sudah Ditebuk Tupai !

When I was working in the university few years ago, I was once invited by a gynecologist colleague to assist him in a surgery to removed a huge fibroid (a non-cancerous uterine tumor). The patient was a 30 something year old lady who seek treatment only to proof that she was a 'virgin'. The story went on like this. This particular girl had a progressively enlarging tummy for several years. She used to avoid marriage proposals due to that, until the day she could not give anymore excuses to her parents. It was an arranged marriage - much a common practice in Kelantan. Came 'malam pertama' - the first night after concilliation of the marriage vow - in her husband's advance he noticed the big tummy, almost the size of a full-term pregnancy. Wow... he became furious...... accusing the poor girl and his in-laws of cheating him. "Apa ni, sudah ditebuk tupai !" Only to proof her innocence, did the girl came to the gynecologist. And we took out a 6.5 kg fibroid.

These pictures were given to me by another gynecologiost working in my present hospital. The presentation was more or less the same except this time it was a huge ovarian cyst, not a fibroid.

At the begining of surgery, I thought she was going to do a ceaserian section

A long midline incision; the usual ceaserian section is through a pfnenstiel or bikini incision

There was it; a huge cyst, the fluid was being sucked out !
So you see my point, our peoples wait till the last minute. If you are a girl, and something starts growing in your tummy, you should become worry, very worry. Unless you know for sure that it is your much-awaited baby.
I really hope that the authorities do something about this. I wish my ex-classmate (MU 80/85) who is the Deputy Minister of Health gives some emphasis on this. Forget about certain 'license to . . . . !

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